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Who am I?

God fearing, caregiving, daring, bold, selfless, funny and creative, I am a mom to Kandis Ty'Vonie Robanique Caston, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, friend, and fur mom to Tiny Princessa Caston.

My name is Sunday Ellen Caston and I was born in Illinois to Charles Allen Caston and Yvonne Sunday Caston on 09/19/1968.

I've had a couple of marital statuses: Widow and Divorced.

My best friend Lorna Richardson moved to St. Paul, MN from Chicago, IL with her son Christopher in January 1987. I rode the Greyhound with Lorna and her son because she didn't want to take that ride alone. I called my mom a few days later to let her know that I'd be home in a few days and to my surprise my mom said, " stay as long as you want too."

At 17 with no adult supervision and no one telling me I couldn't do things that were not good for me I thought okay; I can finally do what I want without any boundaries and decided to stay in Minnesota. 

I was unaware how my ENTHUSIASTIC teenager life was going to change with-in a matter of months. 

My life appeared to be GREAT!

Life went from Enthusiastic to I wanna die right now, I can't take this anymore, why me, I'm not fighting no more because I keep losing, my husband is dead and I don't want nobody else but him, I'm ugly, overweight, and the list went on and on. 

After failing suicide attempts, dealing with depressions, and having anxiety attacks I found myself talking to God, again, after I told Him I wasn't doing "nothing" else for Him. 

That was the best decision I made. 

Now I want to help others. 

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Meet the Team

Our team is made up of three dedicated individuals. 


Committed to providing community members with tools, resources, and support that will help them take steps to living a hopeful life. 


Providing strategic formulas to move community members from a social or emotional crisis situation to an affirmative or thriving situation. 

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